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Stock Hockey Pins

Stock Pins

When time has completely run out but your hockey team has to have pins for an event, our exclusive Stock Pins are a great solution.

The designs are unique to us, so no other hockey team at your tournament will have the same.

The pins are top quality too, 1.75” in size with a cut-out shape in heavy die struck iron. They cost just $2.50 per pin with silver glitter and a black dye metal finish.

We also have a few gold-plated Generic Stock Pins that we keep at the studio for real last-minute emergencies. This quality product is not exclusive to us but costs just $1.50 per pin and are available in ice or field hockey.

These pins are ready to ship, which takes 4 working days or, for a small extra charge we can arrange  courier for delivery next working day. Minimum order – 25 pins.

As Stock Pins are a real last resort, we only keep a few in stock as a service to our customers. Call us now on 1-888-574-6411 and we’ll make sure you get the pins you need.

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